While the mystery of Sleep Walking

Ever see a person sleepwalking? Usually people are not aware that during sleep he doing an activity. Why someone might not realize that he was sleepwalking? Sleepwalking is also known as somnambulism, which is classified as a parasomnia, namely the habit during sleep is not normal and very disturbing. Parasomnias usually followed by spending a lot of sweat and grit your teeth while sleeping.

Parasomnia is a mistake in terms of time and balance in the brain during the transition between waking and sleeping, "said Drs. Hobson and Silvestri, as quoted from HowStuffWorks, Sunday (08/23/2009).

Some people think that people are sleepwalking is the result of his dream and was under consciousness. This activity can occur a few seconds up to half an hour. Usually the person has a blank stare and no expression on his face. People are sleepwalking can do any activity, like walking around the room, playing a musical instrument even while driving a car.

It is usually more common in children, while for fewer adults. The family is usually more frequent terjadipada boys than girls. There are some people who link sleepwalking with epilepsy, hysteria, or an abnormality.

Sleepwalking occurs during a person has been sleeping very deeply that at stage 3 and 4, where the work is very slow brain waves because the brain continues to work all day. Mental health experts say that sleepwalking is a disorder of the onset or awakening, which means there is something to be triggered in the brain that makes people get up from the deepest sleep. So, the person is in a position between sleeping and waking.

In fact many children who have experienced this, especially since infancy. Child's brain develops more rapidly and be prepared with all sorts of stimuli. Adults who have this habit usually has happened since I was little. For some people sleepwalking is very dangerous, because it could harm themselves or others. For adults can be caused by the influence of alcohol or drugs taken. While in children can be helped by providing a regular sleep schedule and reduce stress.

If, sleepwalking problem could not be solved by itself, you should immediately consult a doctor to find out what the trigger and to be treated.


10 Worst Things on the Planet

Top 10 Worst Things on Earth who should know:

1. Honey Mongoose: Animals worst
Honey mongoose that are commonly found in Africa and West Asia and South have been entered in the Guinness Book of Records with the title of "most creatures know no fear."

This animal (which looks cute) will attack almost anything and he is smart enough to know the weaknesses of his opponent. For example, when dealing with a human male, he will attack the fruit pelernya. He was also one of the few animals that use tools - such as using a wooden stick as a ladder. Mongoose who loved this honey often ignore safety when entering into a beehive, a matter that often drove him to death. Civet honey can kill crocodiles, snakes and a very efficient killer. Only takes 15 minutes to eat a snake whose length is 1.5 meters. The ferocity of this animal are well known in nature and even a leopard or singapun will not try to kill him.

2. Mosquitoes: Insects worst
No doubt that the mosquito has become the world's worst insect. At night when we lay in bed, we could hear them buzzing, but we can not see them - and then in the morning a lot of red spots that appear on our bodies.

In addition he is also the most deadly insect in the world for spreading malaria and dengue fever, the fact that half the human population who have died, died because of this.

3. Derivatives are fatal insomnia: the worst symptoms of the disease
Insomnia is a derivative of a disease only found in 28 families around the world. The disease is preventing you from sleeping and no drugs available that can help you. When the disease began to attack, the patient could not sleep nights for 7-36 months until death.
Stages of the disease are as follows:

1. Patients experiencing insomnia levels, causing panic, paranoia, and phobia. This stage lasts for about four months.
2. Hallucinations and panic going on for about five months.
3. Inability to sleep followed quickly by losing weight. This went on for about three months.
4. Patients become mute or unresponsive for six months. This is the latest development of the disease, and then the patient will die.

4. The bullet ant: The bite of the worst
Bite the bullet ant has ranked the most painful in the world because of illness such as hit, which can be explained as follows: "The wave of pain as burning for up to 24 hours". These ants are found in Nicaragua south to Paraguay. Like other ants, they live in large colonies which are usually located at the base of the tree. Ants are used in a ritual ceremony for boys in Satere-Mawe tribe of Brazil. 

Boys wear gloves with hundreds of ants - they have to suffer the bite for 10 minutes and they must perform this ritual several times. Arm of a boy who menlakukan ritual is usually paralyzed temporarily from their bodies can poison and shivering for a few days.

5. Salvinia molesta: Algae worst
Also known as Kariba algae, Salvinia molesta is a water plant from Brazil spikes. These plants float on the water and breed twice in a few days. And finally all the lake's surface will be covered by these plants have a height to 24 inches. It is very disturbing is this plant blocking sunlight into the water, which in turn makes animals and other plants to die. Things worse, we can not kill this plant. 

If we break it into small pieces, each piece will grow a new plant. In the United States has made ​​efforts to get rid of these plants by using a crane, but there is always a small fraction of plants that fell back into the water and eventually grow again. This plant can now be found all over the world and causing damage everywhere he is.

6. Flower Wreck: the worst smelling flowers
Plant is widely found in the forests of Sumatra. The flowers are just one in every plant known to produce odors that smell like a rotting corpse. 

The color is similar to rotting flesh in order to fool the insects trapped in it and to be ingested as food. End of the flower has the same temperature with the temperature of the human body, the same that is used to trick its prey and also helps to spread the foul odor that attract prey.

7. Travellers spider Brazil: Gain-loss worst
Large spider has bitten off the most painful and caused the death of spider bites is to achieve the highest level in the world of spiders. 

When a man is bitten will cause his penis erect for hours. Of course this is not a good substitute for Viagra.

8. Candiru: Fish worst
This fish is very dangerous than piranha. Why? A lot of fish found in the Amazon River is the lifeblood of this food prey like a vampire. 

The smell of human urine will invite him, and he can get into the penis or vagina. The only way out is by surgery. So do not pee in the Amazon River.

9. Human: Destroyer worst environment.
Needless to say it ... Hehehe

10. Botulinum toxin: Toxins at worst
This toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is the most lethal protein. When the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum spores settle on food or a wound, then he will be producing this toxin. 

This poison is so deadly because it enough to just 1 kg so he could kill the entire human population on Planet Earth. Does this make botulinum toxin shunned humans. No, because in today many women who inject this toxin into their face to remove wrinkles caused by aging treatment called Botox (Botulinum Toxin). So for the likes of Botox should know the acronym!


A Few Things in the World's Oldest

1. Yoga instructor at the World's Oldest Woman (83 Years)

Bette Calman 83 years old, is still taught the art of yoga movement that has many benefits for mankind. Although his body is old but the flexibility and kelincahaanya probably beat a lot of young people far below. 40 years have taught him Yoga makes her very very experience.

2. The oldest woman Can Still Birth (70 Years)

Rajo Devi Lohan came from India, after 40 years he waited for a baby to have an end at the age of 70 months of last year november 2008 she gave birth to a baby boy is eagerly waiting for a long time, if God wants what can not happen

3. Siamese twins attached at the World's Oldest (57 Year)

Galyon Mzureen never thought when her son would be born Siamese twins in 1951, on his way paramedics are trying to try the possibility of the two separated when possible, but due to a very high risk then do not do these steps. Currently Ronnie and Donnie are attached at the abdomen was 57 years old, they are steadfast and patient live their lives in Dayton Ohio United States.

4. The Oldest Dad Can Still Provide Descendants (90 years)

Ranu Ram Jogi native India that is still strong man in the age of 90 years had never had children as many as 21 people and is the last time he had born to his four wives when he was aged 90 years, and wishes he still will fertilize her if possible until the age of 100 years. His total of 12 boys and 9 girls and 20 grandchildren.

5. World's oldest cat (29 Years)

Although now he is not there, but this record was recorded in the Guinness Book in 1999 at the age of 29 years, Spike is the cat's name must eventually breathed his last on 31 July 2001. The owner Mo Elkington of a Dorset England aromaterapis buy Spike 1970, a number of secret long-old cat is in addition to diet and also eat aloe vera to avoid rheumatism

6. Earliest models and the World's oldest (80 years)

Grandma is now 80-year-old was named Daphne Selfe've been in the world of fashion and the catwalk for 60 years, his career was so brilliant in the world model. Although age was dusk the grandmother never felt self-conscious and embarrassed to keep it to appear in public walking on the catwalk, the grandmother usually performed to demonstrate the design of clothing from Dolce & Gabbana, Tata Naka and Michiko Koshino

7. Flute World's oldest (35,000 years)

According to an archaeologist said that the culture has developed since the beginning in Europe, the man was already familiar with modern civilization. A team from the University of Tuebingen discover these flutes and 12 pieces of griffon of a cave in southern Germany and according to archaeologists it has reached the age of 35,000 years

8. The desire of satisfying the world's oldest, Wow her age (28 000 years)

Apparently an ancient civilization of ancient humans had known means of satisfying the desire, what a woman who lived at the time there is loneliness? so it must use those tools as well mencengankan waw really imagine civilization 28,000 years ago the tools has been created. Has a length of 20 cm was found in Hohle Fels cave near Ulm Swabia.


10 places in the world's strangest

1. Pembrokeshire (Wales)

Shape of the houses in this region resembles the house in the film The Hobbit LOTR. Built entirely of natural ingredients found in your neighborhood. The walls of stone, mud and water into the house because of gravity. Windows and pipes taken from the trash.

2. Yukatan (Meksiko)

In the midst of dense forest in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, unexpectedly, scattered thousands of "pools of crystal" that mysterious. According to a Reuters report, scientists from the U.S. have found a "pool of crystal" was not long ago, which also opened the veil of the real world of underground water. This dense forest hides many "pools of crystal", where the depth of one of the "pool of crystal" that can reach 160 meters in depth.
Thousands of "pools of crystal" underground world that has established a mysterious underground water. Ancient Mayans ever consider that there is an entrance to the underground nature. The local community continues to melegendakan, that the world is a mysterious underground water, there is a pile of bones, and gold that make up such a mountain.

3. Wieliczka (Polandia)

Poland stands on the salt mine that has been in operation for 800 years. The mine is now open to tourists with a depth of 1000 feet. Keep in mind, mine is never used as an aircraft factory during World War 2.

4. Kapadokya (Turkey)

Turkey houses of the house consists of hundreds of rooms and continued along with the old system of underground cities of more than 2500 years old. Area-the area is separated by a narrow corridor, residents start the occupation of the surface and eventually moved to the underground.

5. Xi’an (China)

China is now famous for the discovery of the Mausoleum of Qinshihuang, the largest imperial tombs in China's history. This miracle was built in 38 years by 700 000 workers, and the famous terracotta army buried with the emperor.

6. Denver,Colorado (Amerika)

Colorado has a large airport is believed to have a lot of underground tunnels. Based on the discovered relics, tunnels are believed to be built by the military as a Masonic Temple as a shelter from enemy attack. Discovered the existence of extensive underground tunnels that connect to each other in the city.

7. Tokyo (Japan)

Japan is the central mystery involving seven puzzles including an underground city beneath the city. It began when Japanese researcher, Shun Akiba found an old map of Tokyo tunnel system that is incompatible with the existing map. Since then, he found a 6 discrepancy in historical maps and other records about the hidden room space, including several tunnels with hidden architectural space we know as Ninja.

8. Edinburgh (Scotlandia)

In addition to the already well-known myth, LOCHNESS Sea Monster, Scotland also has a long and strange history, one of the most bizarre is the discovery of the bridge were buried under the ground. It is estimated, after the bridge was completed and followed by the mysterious deaths, the end of this bridge is not so used.

9. Abydos (Mesir)

The pictures above are found in the buffer beam ceiling of a room the royal temples of Ancient Egypt, located at Abydos, several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza plateau. Objects in the picture, seen from the physical equipment is operated in a plane layer on the surface of the tube as the earth, not to the vacuum of space. Therefore used the side wings and tail and propeller. Abydos temple was built for the god Osiris by the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Seti I (1306-1290 BC) and completed by his successor, Ramses II.

10. Valdaro (Italia)

A pair of male skeleton and a new stone-age girls hugged each other tightly unearthed in Italy. A pair of skeletons of this warm embrace each other, shook everyone who saw it. Archaeologists estimate that this skeleton had been buried a pair of approximately 5000-6000 years under the ground! arms during the year 5000 not only shook the archaeologists, and even the world community. To maintain the style of this embrace, scientists have decided to separate pieces of the framework. "We will maintain this attitude for which they were hugging each other." So said Irena Mannorti archaeologist who finds a pair of this framework. Once the frame was removed, scientists will investigate further to a pair of lovers who embrace each other is eternal. Furthermore, the framework will be stored in national museums of Italy.


World's First Film

The world's first movie was released in 1903. The movie is taken from a true story about a massive train robbery that occurred in the United States.

Film 'The Great Train Robbery "was made based on the story of a train carrying gold robbery in 1896. the story was written by Thomas A. Edison. and produced by Edwin S. Porter.

In recording the history of cinema, this film is a film that made ​​the first move. Although it is still black and white and is made without sound (silent film. Red), but this 12-minute movie can be an inspiration for making the next movie.

10 Cities With Beautiful Women Enchantment

Based on this study of world opinion as well as travelers on the public internet and bring you the "Top Ten World Cities With The Most Beautiful Women". Every city on this list contains a lot of supply of beautiful women you might want to ask your parent or your spouse to visit family for the next holiday, just for the scenery alone. All the cities around the world were selected based on: 1) Quality of women, 2) Amount of Women per men ratio 3) Ease of women talking 4) Attitude of women.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

It was every woman in Stockholm are all beautiful. Women here are also highly educated and friendly. All women can speak English with English accents, so there are no barriers to communication. This woman can make you feel happy with every possible way. Sweden is a country that should be visited on an upcoming vacation.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

DiKopenhagen's possible that you will more often find the most women you will ever meet. In addition, these women sexual attraction is greater than the sexual in other cities around the world. They all, works in all places and always ready to go to a local bar for a drink. In Copenhagen, during the trip, you will melihata with your own eyes how the women do aktivitasnya.suasana city calm and collective, and this will be a phenomenal trip.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos aires is not like other cities. This is one of the most remarkable cities in the Western Hemisphere. The city has many natural resources and the women the pretty ones are not like other cities. Women from buenos aires beautiful, friendly women with their stunning bodies. Nearly every women in Buenos Aires is a model who is always waiting to be discovered, by you of course!

4. Varna, Bulgaria

Many of you may not know much about Bulgaria, most of you probably do not know where Bulgaria is. Bulgaria is a country with no drug laws, cheap vodka, mechanical bulls on the beach, waterslide and some of the most beautiful in the world. This land has cafes with inflatable furniture, thongs and g-string you can see everywhere when you melongokan your head, you can see pretty girls wearing only panties sunbathing on every beach. In addition, the women here are good and have high intelligence, and they are always careful with their bodies. The most important is the beauty of Bulgaria and female-female beauty will always be found in this city. Plan your trip to Varna today?

5. Los Angeles, California

How much can be said about LA girls? Women in LA are women who are most different from the women you've ever seen. All of the beautiful-American women are here, this is a cool place, people come to live, work, and try to "make". This is where the Beach Boys ever told in the song California Dreamin.

6. Moscow , Russia

Moscow is Russia's capital city which is home of some of the best women in the world, the subway in Moscow are beautiful. women in moscow live with high regularity, blond, blue-eyed woman who makes it so great, but also amazing is the level of hospitality that you will find. is unique, the first experience, you will be surprised to meet women moscow streets, so beautiful and you will ask her, if you're rejected, do not worry because you will find other women who are not less beautiful.

7. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela.Venezuela is the country with most of the world Miss Universe, wrote from here we will know that Venezuela is the country that has a lot of beautiful women. Women of Caracas are very beautiful and similar to women brasil. I speak honestly, when you talk to women Caracas, they always have a lot of time and has said a friendly word and jaunty, you can also smell it as much as you want, it is fun when you travel to Venezuela.

8. Montreal, Canada

The most beautiful place is French, but the most convenient is canada, Montreal is one of the best cities in the world that is filled with beautiful women. Many universities and colleges, and many women with different styles are very concerned about their body shape. One of the best part is that all women speak French commonly known as the language of love. I highly recommend you take a trip to Montreal.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is one place to find the best woman in the world. Maybe it's about something that is quite attractive with green eyes in particular. It should be noted that in Israel women over the age of 18 are required for compulsory military service, this of course means that they are very good in martial arts, and maybe he can kick like a donkey.

10. Amsterdam, Holland

Of course Amsterdam must be included in the list. The city is particularly many women are more beautiful than others. Dutch women are remarkable in many ways, they are very trendy, comfortable, they are also fun, and they are very beautiful.